GREAT LAKE STRATEGY is a political engagement agency fighting to repair our system, drive reform, and defend our democracy.

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Great Lake Strategy is a nimble and versatile political engagement firm with a data-driven and digital-centric approach.

We provide overall strategic direction, communications & messaging, online engagement, fundraising, advertising, field & GOTV, and anything in between.Today's political landscape requires an approach that meets people where they are. Simply running ads won't do the job — we must engage with people in a meaningful way and build relationships with them over time.This takes insight, patience, and a constantly evolving approach. That's where we come in.Great Lake Strategy offers full-service strategy consulting through this framework, designed to build and cultivate an engaged, vibrant, and invested supporter network and lead you to victory.

Richie Alicea is a veteran political strategist and radical centrist with roots in both online and offline campaigning.

With nearly 20-years of experience in the field, he has served in nearly every role on campaigns at every level throughout his career.This wide-ranging experience has given him the perspective to see the whole board and craft strategies that maximize every component of a campaign and innovate at every step.Aside from his work on campaigns, Richie is also a Professor of Practice at the University of Akron's Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, where he teaches courses on campaign management, media, digital strategy, data analytics, and voter contact.

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